21 Wonders of Tuolumne County

(Selected by the Landmarks Committee)



Wonders must promote heritage tourism and contribute to a “sense of place” by representing our unique natural and/or cultural heritage and whose loss or degradation would mean a loss to those defining elements that make Tuolumne County unique as a destination.


Criteria for Wonders:

·         Categories:  natural or man-made

·         Can be publicly or privately owned                     

·         Uniquely Tuolumne County or Mother Lode

·         Attracts heritage tourism

·         Should be protected from development or change

·         Accessibility


Natural (not ranked):

  1. Yosemite & Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias

  2. Donnell Vista

  3. Trail of the Gargoyles

  4. Column of the Giants

  5. Bennett Juniper

  6. Tuolumne River

  7. Bell Meadow

  8. Red Hills Area

  9. Table Mountain

  10. Emigrant Wilderness

Man-Made (not ranked):

   11.  Kennedy Meadows

   12.  Pinecrest Lake Basin

   13.  Hetch Hetchy Water & Power System

   14.  Stone Corrals and Fences

   15.  Tuolumne County Ditch System

   16.  Columbia State Historic Park and culturally modified landscape around park

   17.  Sierra Railway & Railtown1897 State Historic Park

   18.  Golden Chain of the Mother Lode - Highway 49

   19,  Highway 108 – Old Sonora-Mono Road

   20.  Highway 120 – Old Big Oak Flat Road

   21.  Gamble Complex (Big Oak Flat)