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21 Wonders of Tuolumne County

(Selected by the Landmarks Committee)

Click on a picture or a "Wonder" in the list below to view its description. 


Wonders must promote heritage tourism and contribute to a “sense of place” by representing our unique natural and/or cultural heritage and whose loss or degradation would mean a loss to those defining elements that make Tuolumne County unique as a destination.


Criteria for Wonders:

             -  Categories:  natural or man-made

          - Can be publicly or privately owned                     

             - Uniquely Tuolumne County or Mother Lode

             - Attracts heritage tourism

             - Should be protected from development or change

             - Accessibility


Click on the "Wonder" that you would like to view below in the list or on a picture above.  Special thanks to Sue Wisehart who obtained the GPS Coordinates for most of the 21 wonders as a "Senior Project" (Highschool).  Run your cursor over the item and the GPS coordinates will appear.  You can also view them when you view the individual wonder page.




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