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Tuolumne County Timeline


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1901 Harvard Gold Mining Co. expands the quartz hard rock mining, with two shafts and 60-stamp mill driven by electric power; was a major contribution to Jamestown economy
1901 Standard Lumber Co. is incorporated; D. H. Steinmetz becomes general manager; Thomas Bullock is president after selling his interests in West Side Flume & Lumber Co.
1903, Feb.


Sugar Pine Railway incorporated by Standard Lumber Co., Inc. Purchased by Pickering Lumber in 1921 along with the renamed West Side Lumber Company in 1925


1903, Sept. 21 Tuolumne County High School starts; meets in basement of Tuolumne County Courthouse, predecessor to Sonora H. S.


Tuolumne County commercial apples become an important export; transported by Sierra Railway to other markets


1910 Me-Wuk Rancheria is established in Tuolumne area
1913 Hetch Hetchy project authorized to supply water and power to San Francisco; first O’Shaughnessy Dam completed in 1923, raised in 1938
1916 New Strawberry Dam completed and becomes resource for public water and recreation. Renamed “Pinecrest” Dam.
1919, May First movie (silent movie) filmed on the Sierra Railway titled "Red Glove"
1923-1924 Don Pedro Dam completed.

Moccasin power house (Hetch Hetchy) completed.

1927-1929 Melones Dam and power plant completed.
1930s Great Depression hits. West Side Lumber sawmill & logging operations shut down; Pickering Lumber Co. closes
1934 West Side Lumber Co. reopens; limited operations
1937 Pickering Lumber Co. and its railroads reopen after federal reconstruction finance loan
1938 Cavalero Gardens was purchased as a permanent location for the 29th District Agricultural Association fair grounds
1938, Aug.


Sierra Railroad’s last regularly scheduled passenger train ends service in Tuolumne County


U. S. enters WW2; 1942 federal government suspends gold mining operations; some mines reopen on limited basis in 1945



Columbia State Historic Park formed

1950 Raising of Melones Dam completed

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