Heritage Home and Gold Nugget Award Recipients

(The homes appearing in the list are private residences.

They are NOT open to the public.)




At the annual Tuolumne County Historical Society’s Lamplight Dinner, the Landmarks Committee honors homes (Heritage Home) and public buildings or businesses (Gold Nugget) which are fifty years or older and recently completed restoration or well-maintained through the years, architecturally/historically unique, or associated with a long-time local family. 


Four approaches for restoration and historic preservation:

  • Preservation approach – one accepts maintenance of a property without significant alteration and keeps its historic integrity of fabric and features as much as possible.

  • Restoration approach – one returns a building to its original architectural style at a specific time period.  Original features even in poor condition are preferable to a replication of the feature.

  • Reconstruction – one constructs a new replica of a historic structure that no longer exists.

  • Rehabilitation (or adaptive use) – one retains the historic structure’s architectural integrity even though the original function is no longer viable. It could be damaged or deteriorated, but it can be modified and updated or a new use can be created for the structure or building.


1963 through 1969

Mother Lode Bank - 211 S. Washington St., Sonora

AAA Building - 71 S. Shepherd St., Sonora

Brady’s Rexall - 222 W. Stockton Rd., Sonora

Safeway - Sonora

Sears - Sonora

Gunn House - 286 S. Washington St., Sonora

PG & E - 222 S. Shepherd St., Sonora

J. S. West & Co. - 504 W. Stockton St., Sonora

Wolfe’s Drug Store - 106 S. Washington St., Sonora

Bank of America - 180 S. Washington St., Sonora

Tuolumne Title Co. - 48 S. Stewart St., Sonora

St. James’ Church and Parish Hall, Sonora



Groveland Hotel - Groveland

Odd Fellows Hall - Big Oak Flat

Standard City (particular buildings) - Standard

Street-Morgan Mansion – W. Snell St., Sonora



Chinese Camp Post Office - Chinese Camp

West Side Inn & Hotel - Tuolumne

Cady House – N. Norlin St., Sonora

Sugg-McDonald home –Theall St., Ssonora



Sierra Railroad - Jamestown

Hall-Newman Home – W. Bradford, Sonora

Keil-Shine Home – Bradford at Norlin, Sonora



Brady’s Rexall Drugs – 81 S. Washington St., Sonora

Yosemite House - 83 N. Washington St., Sonora

Charles Burden Home – N. Washington St., Sonora

Wilson-McConnell Home – Main St., Columbia



James Hallmark Shop – 98 S. Washington St., Sonora

Columbia College - Sonora

Bradford-Rosasco home – W. Dodge, Sonora

Fred Ellis Home – Bay St., Tuolumne

Manuel J. Pedro Home – Tuolumne



Wells Fargo Bank - Sonora Plaza

“The Dome” – Old Sonora Grammar School

Willow Hotel – Jamestown

Peters-Green Home – W. Snell St., Sonora

Nicol Mansion – S. Stewart St., Sonora



Pacific Telephone – 197 W. Mono Way, Sonora

Arastraville School – Cherokee

City Hotel – Columbia

App Home – Hwy. 108, Jamestown

Grayson House – N. Washington St., Sonora

Cassaretto Home – Main St., Groveland



Gill Building – 14624 Tuolumne Rd.

Washington Hall – 21 N. Washington St., Sonora

St. Francis Xavier Church – Chinese Camp

Schmidt Home – Columbia

“The Mansion” – Tuolumne

Symons Home – W. Bradford Ave., Sonora

Pedro Ranch House – Sonora



Mt. Carmel Catholic Church – Big Oak Flat

Cuesta Realty – 55 W. Stockton St., Sonora

Burns Home –  Lower Sunset, Sonora



Serventes – 64 S. Washington St., Sonora

Jamestown Drug Store – 18211 Main St., Jamestown

Morgan Chapel - Sonora

Maybeck Cabins – Twain Harte

Presbyterian Parsonage – 18 E. Dodge, Sonora



Barber Shop – 27 S. Washington St., Sonora

Elliott Insurance – 18665 Carter St., Tuolumne

Jamestown Hotel – Main St., Jamestown

Simmons Home – Main St., Groveland

Steinmetz Home – W. Bradford Ave., Sonora



Photography House – 91 N. Washington St., Sonora

Baker-Holt Home – W. Bradford Ave., Sonora

Morgan Home – S. Stewart St., Sonora



City Hotel – Sonora

Wezel Home – S. Stewart St., Sonora

Grover Home – Apple Colony Rd., Tuolumne

Fowler Home – Main St., Jamestown



Soulsbyville Methodist Church - Soulsbyville

The Smoke Cafι – Main St., Jamestown

Hunt Home – N. Shepherd St., Sonora



Ryan House – S. Shepherd, Sonora

Oneto Home – W. Bradford, Sonora

Burden-Inch Home – N. Washington, Sonora



Hardin Home – Washington at Elkin, Sonora

National Hotel – Jamestown



Peri Ranch – Groveland

Ortega-Crook Home –Theall, Sonora

Ortega-Sylva Home – Theall, Sonora



Tuolumne County Courthouse - Sonora

Lavender Hill – S. Barretta St., Sonora



Knox Lace House –S. Washington St., Sonora

Elizabeth Strother Home – Main St., Jamestown

Fallon House – Columbia



Christian Science Church – N. Washington St., Sonora

Alma Wolfe Home – Banner Dr., Sonora

Ed Rosasco Home – Hwy. 108, Jamestown



St. Patrick’s Catholic Church - Sonora

Anderson Home – S. Shepherd St., Sonora

Hodge-Marr Home – Baker St., Tuolumne



Van Harlingen Home – S. Stewart St., Sonora

Rosasco Ranch stone corral – Jamestown



Rozier Home – Tuolumne

Mid-Sierra Real Estate (Heron) – Sonora

Pereira Home - Jamestown



Dr. Wrigley’s home (Gorgas & Lamb Law offices) – W. Bradford Ave., Sonora

Groveland Hotel – Hwy 120, Groveland

Harlan House B&B – School St., Columbia

Charles Segerstrom Home – Knowles Hill Rd., Sonora



Opera Hall – Sonora

Old Summerville High School – Tuolumne

Belli Ranch House – Peaceful Valley Rd., Sonora

Edwards Victorian – Dodge St., Sonora

Nicholls Home – Soulsbyville Rd., Soulsbyville



Hartvig Home – S. Stewart St., Sonora

Sierra Glen Apple Ranch Home – Big Hill Rd., Sonora



Sonora Union High School Auditorium - Sonora

Jamestown United Methodist Church – 18193 Seco St., Jamestown

Meadow Vale Farm House – Wards Ferry Rd., Sonora

Cavalero Ranch House – Southgate Dr., Sonora



198 Barretta St.

Veterans Memorial Hall – Sonora

Menke Ranch House – Chinese Camp

Donat Home (Columbus Mine Assay Office) – N. Tuolumne Rd., Tuolumne



Badgely-Coleman Jones Home – S. Washington St., Sonora

Ruoff Home – Edgemont Acres, Sonora

Kennedy Meadows Resort

Tuolumne County Municipal Court Building – 60 N. Washington St., Sonora



Sonora City Hall – 94 N. Washington St., Sonora

Price Home – E. Hillcrest at Hope Lane, Sonora

Dambacher Home – Peaceful Valley Rd., Sonora

Webster-Meuli Home – W. Bradford Ave., Sonora



City of Sonora Parking Lot – S. Washington St. at Church St., Sonora

Russell Home – E. Lyons St., Sonora

Johnston Home (Ghiroso Family) – E. Dodge Lane, Sonora



Harris Home (Gold Springs Stage Stop) – Parrotts Ferry Rd., Columbia

Barretta Gardens Inn B&B (Kleinecke Family) – Barretta St., Sonora

C.H. Burden Home – Washington St., Sonora

Old PG & E Building (McCormick’s Corner) – N. Washington St., Sonora



Delnero Home – So. Washington St. (relocated from Sanguinetti Rd.), Sonora

Terzich & Wilson Funeral Home - Sonora

Fahey/Webster Home – Phoenix Lake Rd., Sonora

Herrin Home – Main St., Tuolumne



Sonora High School Science Building - Sonora

Banyan Tree/Muzio Bakery – 59 S. Washington St., Sonora

Symons/Fulcher Home – Madrone St., Tuolumne

Rother/Swiderski Home – S. Shepherd St., Sonora




Columbia Archives-aka Tin Barn - Columbia  

Tuolumne City Memorial Museum – Carter St., Tuolumne

Hale-Knudsen-Fitch Home – So. Washington St., Sonora

DeFerrari Ranch – Groveland



Rehm-Legends – 1331 So. Washington St., Sonora 

Ball-Miller Home – Columbia Way, Sonora



Morgan-Filiberti-Billy Whiskers – Columbia 

Griffin-Gustafson Home – Sonora

Fahey Cabin – SW of Long Barn



Cofill-Baldwin – Stewart St., Sonora

Emporium – Main St., Jamestown

Knapp Block – Columbia 



Dunlavy Home – Knowles Hill Dr., Sonora

McChesney-Odd Fellows Building – State Street & Broadway, Columbia SHP 



McMahon-Walton Home – Norlin St., Sonora

1897 Jamestown Branch Jail – Rocca Park, Jamestown



St. Josephs Catholic Church, Tuolumne

Parris Home - Phoenix Lake, Sonora

Hardin Home - Elkin, Sonora



Rawhide School, Rawhide Rd., Jamestown

Wood Home, Pine St., Tuolumne

Sierra Railway Engine No. 3, Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Jamestown



Jones-Waters Home (Heritage Home Award)

Mother Lode Fair Grounds (Gold Nugget Award)



Prince Family Home (Heritage Home Award)

Curtin Mansion (Heritage Home Award)



Ratto Ranch (Gold Nugget Award)

Engler Barn (Gold Nugget Award)



Columbia State Historic Park

Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted

Masons of California

for its upated exhibit (Gold Nugget Award)



Big Oak Flats Cobden House

The Cobden House was built circa 1900 by Edward Cobden, son-in-law of the Raggio family, who lived next door. The Raggio family had mining interests in Big Oak Flat, later occupying the west suite of the 1850-era Wells Fargo Gamble Building, and lat-er a store selling food and liquor. (Heritage Award)



Hender Home

The house is an excellent example of Neoclassical style, with a hipped wood-framed roof and full-height faηade supported by classical columns.  (Heritage Award)



McGowan House

Built circa 1890, the restored property became the home of George and Winifred (Carroll) McGowan when they were married in 1897. George owned a pool hall and cigar store in Sonora. Part of the renovation efforts included using roofing material similar to the original –scalloped metal.


Sugg House

The Brennans have recently completed major restorations inside and outside of the building, which currently houses several businesses.

William Sugg, the home’s original owner, came to California about 1850 as a slave. In 1854, he purchased his freedom for one dollar, and in January 855, he married Mary Elizabeth Snelling. William bought the property where the house now stands and built a four-room adobe-

brick home. The building as we see it today is the result of major expansion to accommodate the Suggs’ eleven children. The last Sugg descendant was Vernon McDonald, who lived and died in the home