Fourth Grade Tours


The Tuolumne County Historical Society and the City of Sonora have partnered to sponsor “Fourth Grade Tours” to students within the County.  Each student is given a “Passport” with questions regarding the history of Sonora and the County.  Answers are given at various stops throughout the tour by costumed docents and presenters.  Students are escorted around downtown Sonora by guides and trailers, visiting such places as the Opera Hall, Tuolumne County Museum, City of Sonora Fire Museum, and the Sugg House.  This is a very popular event.  For more information, contact City of Sonora – Walking Tours.




Hardluck Lynn Telling her Stories

at the Opera Hall

The Boys Getting the Fire Engine

Pump Demo

Viewing the Belly Balcony

DocentsWaiting for the Students at the Museum

Tour of the Sugg House

The Girls getting a Demonstration

of the Pumper Fire Engine


Touring the Museum


Walking Down Bradford Street

Listening for Horse Ghosts

at Coffill Park

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